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  • The Mixx
  • August 31, 2019
  • Saturday, 8PM to 12AM

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443 East Colorado Boulevard

Saturday, 8PM to 12AM
August 31, 2019



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Wumbloozo is just a kick ass old school Blues band. Why they are not a household name is on of the mysteries of the music universe. They are an all originals band with songs that are somehow instantly recognizable. You find yourself singing or humming along almost immediately. If you like songs like “Mustang Sally” you’ll love Wumbloozo; if you like the early Stones you’ll love Wumbloozo; if you like the Animals you’ll love Wumbloozo.
Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker were fathers of those bands. They are likewise fathers to Wumbloozo. Their blood runs through the veins of Michael Richard (singer, guitarist and songwriter). Just listen to “You’re My Jones” or “Smokey Joe”. You’ll see what I mean.



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