Estaire Godinez

Latin Pop

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  • The Mixx
  • October 20, 2018
  • Saturday, 9PM to 12AM

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Estaire Godinez

443 East Colorado Boulevard

Saturday, 9PM to 12AM
October 20, 2018


The Mixx

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Once in a blue moon you’ll find one artist who is magnificent in the vocal department, a superb percussionist, writer and arranger of music with all of these aspects of artistry being almost second nature. And then there is that small matter of leading a fine ensemble as well. Estaire Godinez is just that kind of artist; a rare and gleaming gem. Ms. Godinez not only is blessed with a seductive voice which she uses to beguilingly beautiful effect. As if that is not enough her fine percussion colouring, ever so subtle, adds remarkable tone colour to her playing.



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