Brian Hogan


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  • The Mixx
  • December 7, 2018
  • Friday, 8PM to 12AM

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Brian Hogan

443 East Colorado Boulevard

Friday, 8PM to 12AM
December 7, 2018


The Mixx

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Singer Brian Hogan is an old-school showman, an entertainer who blends hard-charging retro rock ‘n’ roll with broad theatrical flair. The Burbank native, has developed a striking physical presentation, brandishing his guitar like a tribal standard and frequently leaving the stage, mid-song, to infiltrate and engage the crowd with a fast-paced series of unusual face-to-face exchanges.

Hogan’s demonstrable involvement and almost confrontational audience participation have an invariably electrifying effect. The 6-foot-4 singer is a natural-born charmer with a rich, lustrous set of baritone pipes, and his signature forays onto the dance floor routinely elicit squeals of delight from his female listeners.

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